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Creativity solutions serving your unique needs

Let’s do it together! We understand how motivated and knowledgeable people are foundational to your business success. We offer a wide variety of options when it comes to incentive trips, reward programs and training events that make employees ambassadors of your company Our experienced professionals are local experts, yet work in close cooperation Europe-wide to provide the conference packages and creative programs best suited to your requirements. Our extended network guarantees that a unique event can be organized whenever and wherever needed.

  • Team building events
  • Training seminars
  • Study trips
  • Employee-oriented incentive trips
  • Company outings

Excellence in every detail

Japanese perfection meets European creativity. Many of our clients have their corporate headquarters still located in Japan, resulting in frequent visits of VIP guests to strengthen their European network. We understand these visits need to be planned carefully in every detail, and require a high level of professionalism and understanding of Japanese culture and corporate traditions. Our core values, quality of service, personal attention, and desire for perfection are the foundation of NEW CONCEPTS. Our Europe-wide network empowers us to provide excellence in VIP-arrangements that cross borders and languages. Whether arranging multi-city limousine transport or experiencing Japanese and local cuisine fusion, our dedicated team is ready to make tailor-made arrangement for your requirements.


  • VIP airport transfer services
  • Limousine transportation services
  • Local or Japanese cuisine arrangements
  • Entertainment programs
  • Business meeting arrangements
  • Network receptions
  • Bilingual guide services
  • Interpreter services

Your success is our personal incentive

You want the world to know about your product. With NEW CONCEPTS we get the right people together to bring the promotion of your product to the next level. Whether it requires putting the best sales people from all over Europe in one room, exposure at the right exhibitions or trade shows, or the training of people for excellence in technical support, we are your partner in business. NEW CONCEPTS helps maximize efficiency and exposure for your promotional activities without loosing sight of the personal service that makes people committed to your success.

  • Promotional seminars
  • Trade show and exhibition arrangements
  • Training events
  • Production facility tours

Your partner in business excellence

A bow or a handshake? First impressions count and we know that doing business internationally can be challenging in unexpected ways. Whether it is about a longstanding business relationship or new client development, our team is ready to be your consultant in bringing together the right people at the right place and time. We recognize the importance of incentive trips in presenting your corporate image. We know how events that bring together valued customers, potential clients, or trusted suppliers, are pivotal to your business potential. But we also know how time consuming the planning of such events is. NEW CONCEPTS supports you from the very first ideas to the execution of every little detail, so you can focus on your core business. Our aim is to contribute to your success, by providing creative new concepts, producing and realizing your ideas, while offering effective budget control.

  • European network gatherings
  • Conferences, seminars, corporate events
  • Customer-oriented incentive trips
  • Supplier-oriented incentive trips
  • Production facility tours
  • Business anniversary celebrations