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VIP Arrangement

JTB NEW CONCEPTS provided indispensable support for the VIP care for our visitors from Japan. Thanks to JTB the visit was a success and our VIP guests were satisfied with their service. JTB covered their every special and sensitive requests/preferences, so we could receive high acclaim from our VIP guests.








JTB arranged all parts of the business visit from the Japan headquarters VIP guests, including hotel, transfers, meals, guide service and such in accordance with the guests’ needs. VIP visits generally provide new business opportunities for the European offices of Japanese corporations. JTB NEW CONCEPTS combines understanding of local and Japanese business culture for seamless VIP arrangements. Not only in Netherlands, but because of the network of offices in all major European countries, this service covers VIP arrangements throughout the continent. That is one stop service convenience.

Please contact us if you would like to speak with one of our representatives to plan your next VIP visit.

For European HQ of Japanese multinational

“Thanks to the help of JTB NEW CONCEPTS we had a successful offsite company meeting. The purpose of this important meeting was to discuss our company’s strategy and vision with the company executives from all over Europe. The perfect combination of location, meeting and dinner, and entertainment contributed greatly to the success of this pivotal gathering”

JTB found the location that perfectly fit the needs of our client to have place that naturally helps to get out the best ideas and improve cross-company communication in a relaxed environment. JTB staff inspected the site beforehand, making sure the requirements of our client were fully met and all details for the important meeting were taken care off, so our client would not have to worry about any of these. This resulted not only in a satisfied customer, but improved business results for their company.

Please contact us here if you would like to speak with one of our representatives to plan your next business meeting.