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Our commitment to always be by our customers’ side, to help, plan and create perfect moments always that move and satisfy.

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JTB’s services include much more than travel

We’re active wherever people are on the move, fostering cultural exchange and creating new discoveries, excitement, value and culture. When people encounter different cultures and unfamiliar societies in their travels, they gain knowledge and awareness, forming bonds of friendship among people.

Our history

100 years of Trust, Professionalism and Expertise

JTB was founded in 1912 with a mission to invite and serve the needs of visitors from overseas. As the Japanese economy expanded, demand for travel increased among the Japanese people, and JTB grew too. JTB is a leading figure in the history of the Japanese travel industry and the formation of Japan’s travel culture. Over the years JTB has acquired a diverse wealth of travel expertise, gathered not only by its well-informed and professional staff but also by its numerous Group companies operating a wide array of business models. Today JTB has grown to become Asia’s No. 1 travel agent, with offices in 34 countries and regions worldwide. Its longstanding relationships with customers and business partners have made JTB a company that people trust and look to for great results.

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JTB Europe network

The JTB Europe organization is consisting of 16 sales offices, creating a strong network of offices throughout Europe.